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enrique iglesias singing in clip with cap

Por fin! Nueva música de Enrique Iglesias 💛🎶

enrique iglesias singing in clip with cap

Foto: Enrique Iglesias – Me Pasé

Now that the summer has started ánd we can go for some fiestas again, it’s el momento perfecto for a new summer hit 🎶💃🏼. Enrique Iglesias again proves he knows exactamente what we need, because he launched a new song, an like always it’s a potential summer hit! For ME PASÉ he teamed up with a briliant other singer: Farruko!

These two turn out to be a golden combination for creating a fantastic song, and for those of you who like to watch videoclips: this one definitely is worth watching. If you want to have a little escape from these Dutch rainy summer days, then this is the easiest way to heat yourself up. We mean: a good party, palm trees, booze, wonderful boys and girls and… Enrique Iglesias, filmed somewhere at a sunny coast… What more do you need?!

Watch, dance, sing and enjoy!

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