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Two men dancing on the beach

With this música it’s officially time to kick of primavera ☀️🎶

Doesn’t it feel like this winter was the longest winter EVER? Or should we say ‘is’, because la temperature isn’t really rising a lot yet and we are still packed in sweaters and coats. However, the sun is POR FIN shining más y más and the days are getting longer and lighter, so we are heading in the right dirección 💃🏼☀️.

Another sign that we are in the run-up to spring are the songs that are released, cause some of of them do have serious summer sounds! That’s actually no sorpresa, cause traditionally this is THE period that summer hits are born. Is the ‘Despacito’ or ‘El Perdón’ of 2021 out there already? We don’t know yet, but what we do know is that these three songs might be a serious candidate! And even if none of these will be the summer hit of the year, they will still bring you in a sunny, happy mood for sure. DISFRUTA!

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