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Photo: Call me fred

We’ll make you get through the lockdown with these Mexican stand up comedians

No exuberant bouts of laughter with your group of amigos, colleagues or familia, and a visit to a comedy show at un teatro is not gonna happen any time soon either. Luckily there are a bunch of comedy shows online, also in español! To make sure you will get through this lockdown with enough momentos of laughter ánd improve your español, we’ll share with you some very funny spanish speaking stand up comedians.

Photo: Call me fred

  • Daniel Sosa: Maleducado on Netflix. In his second comedy show Daniel Sosa shares stories about his childhood and and ponders Mexican traditions. Preparate para lots of slang and references to contemporary Mexican culture 👌🏽.
  • Sofía Niño de Rivera: This comedian is known for her black, snarky sense of humor. Desafortunadamente her shows are not available on Netflix in Holland, but you can find plenty of performances on YouTube.
  • Ales Fernandez: His shows could be described short and simply as ‘high in energy and super funny’. One of his shows is part of the ‘Best comedians of the world’ on Netflix and in this one he shares a lot of autobiographic jokes.
  • Liss Pereira: In ‘Reteniendo líquidos’ Liss talks about ‘private parts’, ugly underwear and what we are willing to do if we want to sleep with someone. She just wants to be a real mujer, y basta. Check it out on Netflix. Photo: Call me fred

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